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Since I can remember I’ve had an interesting relationship with money and how I choose to use it. I was raised by a single mom, who worked extremely hard to make sure my sister and I had a roof over our heads, food to eat, and clothes on our backs. To say it plainly, I don’t come from a lot. As an observant young kid I noticed that at a relatively early age. As a kid I got $100 from my grandma every birthday. Most kids would hit the mall, toy store, or any store that contained something they wanted because that money would burn a hole in their pocket. I on the other hand always waited. It wasn’t that I didn’t want toys, new clothes, or something shiny to impress the ladies with. I just knew that I felt better with the money in my pocket then spending it on something that I could only use, or wear at certain times. My goal was to save it and use it only for emergencies or until I found something that could help me in the long run.

The issue most consumers have is that many think for the moment. That …

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