Save Money As A Single Woman


It’s good to have fun, but you need to save; therefore, it’s wise to cut on movies, drinking, and other activities that take up a lot of money. If you need to have fun, you should always consider cheaper alternatives.

For example, instead of renting a movie from the movie store, you should consider other alternatives that will allow you to watch the same movie for free.

Since friends greatly affect the amount of money that you spend for entertainment, it’s wise to avoid those that are flamboyant.


One of the major things you need to do is to learn how to cook. Cooking at home is not only cheaper, but it’s also healthier. While it’s tempting for a single woman to buy food at a fast food restaurant, you should not do it.

If you don’t know how to cook your favorite food, you should consider joining a cooking class in your area. You can also join an online class and learn how to cook.

If you have to eat out, you should look out for promotions that are common with restaurants. The restaurants often place coupon codes in magazines, newspapers and on their websites and if you are vigilant enough you can easily get access to them.

The good side with the codes is that they save you a lot of money.


The clothes that you wear are a personal choice and if you want to live a frugal life you need to think about your clothing budget. Although, you should wear good quality outfits, you should look for stores selling high quality clothes at low prices. This way you will be able to save money despite having high quality clothes.

Another way of ensuring that you look elegant without spending a lot of money is buying cheaper accessories that will improve the look of the attire. For example, you can go for necklaces and earrings that will give your cheap outfit a great look.

Just like when dining, you should look out for promotions that are common in clothing stores. To save money, you should take full advantage of the promotions.

Dry cleaning is expensive; therefore, you should cut back on it. Before you send a piece of clothing for dry cleaning you should ensure that it can’t be washed at home. To reduce the number of clothes that you send for this type of cleaning, you should be cautious when buying the outfits.

As rule of thumb you should ensure that you buy attire that you can easily clean at home.