Money Saving for New Parents

  1. Don’t Buy Maternity Clothing
    I’ll elaborate on this one. Of course as a pregnant woman, you’ll need to expand your wardrobe to accommodate the life growing in your tummy. I did purchase a few new items during my pregnancy, but I didn’t buy clothes that were marketed as maternity clothes. They cost a pretty penny, and since pregnancy has stages, you could end up wearing a maternity shirt for 1 or 2 months alone. What I did was purchase clothing from my favourite stores (or thrift shops), but in larger sizes. Aim for sales racks to save extra money. That way, you can still get items at competitive prices, while blending in with the general population. Once baby is out and the weight is down, you can save them for the next baby, donate them, or make adjustments and continue wearing them in your postpartum stage.
  2. Throw a Baby Shower
    There’s no doubt that baby showers are the best way to collect free baby products. If you decide to create a registry, be sure to select items you need, as opposed to what you might like. Don’t be afraid to choose big. A friend of mine surprised us with a new crib, which ended up saving us almost $200. I also suggest asking for gift cards to large department stores, so that you have the flexibility of purchasing a wide range of items for baby. Gift cards are also convenient because they can be saved to use at a later date.
  3. Throw a Diaper Party
    Not all husbands like attending baby showers. For that reason, some might prefer to throw diaper parties. It’s a way for the guys to get together, share food and/or drinks, and just hang out. The creativity in gift-giving is removed by the simple fact that men are asked to bring only diapers as gifts. What we did was ask guys to bring diapers of any size, and believe it or not, we didn’t have to purchase diapers for the first five months of our son’s life! Also, the leftovers were perfect for when the next baby came along. If you don’t plan to have more children, you can re-gift them for another expecting family, donate them or sell them locally.
  4. Get Coupons From the Hospital
    Many hospitals receive a number of free samples, and coupons for products to help new moms heal. I received free nursing pads, baby-related brochures, nipple cream samples, pads, and Aspirin. All these free samples add up, so accept whatever you can get from the hospital.
  5. Breastfeed / Pump Milk if You Can
    Breast milk isn’t only the healthiest option for a growing baby, but it’s the most cost-efficient. A mother could save her family a minimum of $1,300 by choosing to breastfeed. Unfortunately, it’s not always an option. Issues such as returning to work, latching problems, health issues and more can hinder a mom from being able to breastfeed. In this case, choosing to invest in a breast pump would still save you some serious cash. You can borrow, rent, or even buy them second-hand.