Managing Your Debt Strategically

Recognize your debt as a total sum

Debt is viewed by many people as pieces rather than as a whole. Some people feel they have a lesser number of debts and a couple of credit card dues. If you have a credit card debt of $3,000, a loan of $3,000, and a $3,000 balance, then you have a total outstanding of $9,000 since you have to pay off all these debts sooner or later. Do not think that having a credit card due of $9,000 is a small amount and get yourself another credit card loan because you have to first pay off your current card dues and only then, get a new loan. If you are worried about how you are going to pay off your debts, then look at the big picture.

Set up automatic debits

When you pay above the minimum payment, only then will you be able to manage your debt strategically. You will then need to pay only a low rate of interest and you can easily manage your finances. So, set up a direct debit facility so that the money can be sent automatically to the creditor and you can reduce your debt faster. Also, think about increasing the frequency of your monthly payments so that this will also help you reduce your debts.