Financial Prudence

Different people make and spend money differently. For clarity, I’ll give a strong example of “difference” of people in terms of their relationship with money.

Here are different groups of people:

  • They are always looking for where to invest their savings. There are a lot of such people – in fact, now the population has trillions dollars on their deposits.
  • They think about where they would earn, as need money urgently due to dismissal or due to a significant drop in wages, due to unbearable payments on loans for the repair of the car or a decent holiday with the family.
  • “Wealthy” – they panic when the dollar is devalued, as they can lose half of their wealth and are constantly looking for options to save their capital and obtain a reliable income in another currency like gold, etc.
  • “Buddhists” – these generally are not looking for anything, because they live in “a happy beggar” mode.
  • Financially illiterate – they much wonder why they are constantly short of money having a normal income. The root of the problem is that they do everything to live “no worse” than their neighbors and work colleagues.
  • “Downtrodden horses” – they are tired of life, always sleepy and exhausted, with chronic apathy and dull eyes. Complain and moan about the unfair life.
  • Teenagers – well, money does not represent the values for them as long as their mom and dad feed them, or they have not yet formed their own family.