Financial Diet

Eliminating the carbs from your food choices makes the diet too difficult and leads to failure before you start seeing the small success. The same is true of completely changing your financial behavior. We are trying to get out of debt because we bought too many of the things we love. So if you don’t absolutely have to, don’t sell the big house you love, or the car you like to drive, or the jewelry or clothes. Instead make small changes that are doable for you, that will change the way you spend money slowly which will lead to success in your financial diet. Something my mom would always say “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, means hey you don’t have to do everything today; you don’t have to solve the problem right now, take time and solve the problem one stone at a time.

That’s what I am telling you to do, make small doable financial changes that will slowly get you out of debt and build your wealth, one “stone” at a time. For me, I would go out to eat 4-5 times a week I didn’t eliminate going out to eat, I love to go out to eat why would I stop doing something I love? Instead I reduced the number of times I went out to three times a week then 1-2 times a week saving me $240 – $720 a month which ended up being about $6700 a year!

Maybe you don’t go out to eat, maybe you love shoes and you don’t necessarily spend a lot of money on each pair of shoes, you don’t spend $200, $300, or $400 on a pair of shoes like other people might, you only spend 50-70 for a pair of shoes and in a great sale you find some cute sandals for $21 so you buy 2 pairs that day and each month you buy 3 – 6 pairs of your very reasonable costing shoes. In this case I would suggest you instead start by only letting yourself buy 2-3 pairs of shoes a month then go to 1 pair a month and on a special month you might buy 3 pairs of shoes, but you no longer ever buy 4, 5, 6 pairs a month. This could save you as much as $300 a month or $3600 a year. Now look over your budget and see if you can find other small changes, instead of three movies a month only go to see one movie a month, and so on.