Debt Management Strategy

How Do I Approach My Clients for Payment?

For accounts that have just fallen overdue, the ideal solution is to call them, simply because there is a better than average chance you will hear the most commonly used excuse “Oh I don’t have your invoice – can you send it to me again, please?”

Make sure you are well positioned to access soft copies of your invoices that can be easily emailed to your customers while you are on the phone, so you stop them using the same excuse again!

Don’t be surprised if they ask for another copy – expect it.¬†Always ask for the name of the person you’re speaking to. Always ask them for an expected payment date. Always make sure you have documented the conversation.

How Will They React?

“No Two Customers Are the Same”

The golden rule here is: Politeness & respect is key! – The majority of your unpaid invoices will be pure oversights on your customers part, never assume that just because they haven’t paid on time makes them a bad customer.

Will it Affect My Relationship?

Collecting money for an unpaid invoice isn’t just about ‘Show Me The Money’, it’s also making sure that any hiccups which have delayed payment are smoothed out, allowing you to build a better relationship with your client.